Providing our Muslim Sisters the opportunity to obtain an education.
"Seeking knowledge is incumbent on every Muslim"
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Welcome to the Islamic Education Foundation of Manitoba website.  The Islamic Education Foundation of Manitoba (IEFM) was established in 1997.  In 2007, the governing body of IEFM decided to create a scholarship fund for Muslim women interested in pursuing post-secondary studies The purpose of our trust fund is to provide financial support for Muslim women who wish to pursue studies at the University level: from undergraduate, to Masters and Professional Schools (Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Nursing, Education, Engineering etc).  IEFM believes the education of our Muslim sisters is fundamental to the success of our community and through this scholarship fund IEFM is able to help support Muslim women attain their educational and professional goals

We also welcome those wishing to donate to our fund.

2007 Islamic Educational Foundation of Manitoba
Thank you to Br. Jamil Ahsan for creating our website.

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