Providing our Muslim Sisters the opportunity to obtain an education.
"seeking knowledge is incumbent on every Muslim"
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

About Us

Dear Brothers and Sisters - in - Islam:  Asalaam u alaikum!

I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce you to a non-profit organization -
The Islamic Education Foundation of Manitoba Inc.
The goal of IEFM is to establish resources for Muslims and non-Muslims in the hope of allowing each of us to gain a deeper understanding of Islam in a manner that is clear, enlightening and free from cultural bias.

As Muslims in Canada, we are entrusted with the duty of spreading the Islamic message to our neighbours and ensuring that the next generation is equipped with the knowledge of Islam required to live in the manner Allah subhana wa ta ala intended for us.

Bombarded by media images which depict Muslims as destructive and intolerant and on occasion, overwhelmed by our own minority status, it is crucial that we establish ways to promote the spread of Islamic teachings and history in order to overcome such stereotypes and to preserve our faith for ourselves and for later generations.

We Muslims compose a diverse group.  We are men and women of all races and nationalities.

Whether you are a devout Muslim, or you know little about Islam and are interested in finding out more, whether Allah subhana wa ta ala encompasses your thoughts day and night or you are still searching for fulfilment, whether you are a student, a hardworking parent, or a concerned grandparent, IEFM wishes to avail to you information about Islam.

It is the goal of IEFM to embrace all Muslims and encourage the thought, learning, discussion and debate between young and old, men and women, in the manner prevalent at the time of Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, keeping in mind that although we are each individuals, we are all brothers and sisters in Islam. 

Jazak Allah Khairoum.

2007 Islamic Educational Foundation of Manitoba